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Jun 1 / Kimberly Kwee

Correspondence with Peter Kwee

About seven years ago, I corresponded with a man named Peter Kwee living in England. I was doing research for my thesis. I now know how common the name Kwee is around the world. I wanted to post it because it’s a nice short family history.

Kwee Thiam Kiet married Tan Liang Dhauw. They had two children, Aunt Reis (we called her Koko, I need to ask about her Chinese name) and my Opa, Kwee Ting Bo (later Ibraham Basoeki Enggano). Tan Liang Dhauw died when my Opa was very young. His father, Kwee Thiam Kiet, remarried Tan Liang Dhauw’s sister. They had one child, a son. My mom called him Om Tjiang. My understanding is that around 1967, my Opa’s siblings changed their last names to “Kresno” while he adopted “Enggano” from Pulau Enggano.

My Oma was an only child (born in 1932). Her father’s name was Tan Ping Gwan and her mother’s name was Oh Dien No. Her Chinese name is Tan Giok Lian, but it was changed to Lani Sara Enggano. My grandparents have three children: Kwee Hong Liat (Ishak Lukas Enggano), Kwee Sui Ing (my mother, Ingga Ruth Enggano, born in 1954), and Kwee Hong Yauw (Andreas Jaahj Enggano).

I’d like to stay in contact with you and your brother.