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Sep 21 / Kimberly Kwee

Recent Work – Summer 2015

I haven’t updated the site in a very long time. Here are images of work I completed either right before Arkansas Governor’s School started up or during my time teaching there. Two of the War Queens and a mixed-media collage were shown in a local exhibition called Zeitgeist at Gallery 221 this summer. The collage sold from the window, like a little puppy dog in a pet shop. The War Queens are silkscreen monotypes drawn in caran d’ache. I think I posted a demo for this technique years ago. Mariah Johnson taught it to me. The text pieces were made with stencils and powdered charcoal. “Don’t Forget Lovely Life” is printed on an apron Mark and I bought from a Korean market. It’s a family motto. The second one was made for our nursery. Carl Sagan is one of our heroes. What a beautiful quote for baby to grow up on.saganlovelovelylife