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Jun 1 / Kimberly Kwee

A Real Statement

This is an artist statement once used by an artist I greatly admire. Bonnie Fortune was in a critique group with me my last year at U of I.

Artist Statement for Bonnie Fortune:

I am an interdisciplinary artist and researcher who uses her practice to create social experience and change. My work privileges the immediate, the public, and the affective, in its presentation and visualization. I develop my projects in long-term collaborations; exploring a subject through writing, research, and the time arts-performance, video, digital photography, and web-based projects. I study, and am inspired by, the intersections of art and activism-specifically radical feminist, health, and environmental histories. Cultural memory and repeated iconographic imagery become tools in my art practice to create and explore the possibility for transformation-personal emotional shifts and larger cultural shifts. I still believe the personal is political.

I am updating my artist statement. This is something I think describes very well what I did with shag carpeting and hideous lamps in grad school:

In these carefully created interior scenes, cultural moments converge. Unspoken regrets, altered realities, and forgotten promises are dredged up.