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From Aunt Jane of Kentucky by Eliza Calvert Hall

Aunt Jane explained very well the ideology behind the work I do under the umbrella project, Homework. Homework is the collected documentation of the kind of work she describes. For live performances, see Kimberly Interiors.

“I’ve been a hard worker all my life,” she said, seating herself and folding her hands restfully, “but ‘most all my work has been the kind that ‘perishes with the usin’,’ as the Bible says. That’s the discouragin’ thing about a woman’s work. Milly Amos used to say that if a woman was to see all the dishes that she had to wash before she died, piled up before her in one pile, she’d lie down and die right then and there. I’ve always had the name o’ bein’ a good housekeeper, but when I’m dead and gone there ain’t anybody goin’ to think o’ the floors I’ve swept, and the tables I’ve scrubbed, and the old clothes I’ve patched, and the stockin’s I’ve darned.”

“I reckon everybody wants to leave somethin’ behind that’ll last after they’re dead and gone. It don’t look like it’s worth while to live unless you can do that. The Bible says folks ‘rest from their labors, and their works do follow them,’ but that ain’t so. They go, and[79] maybe they do rest, but their works stay right here, unless they’re the sort that don’t outlast the usin’.

Homework  is a series of related conceptual art projects. These ideas can be realized in combinations of drawings, sculpture, performances, and writing. The Homework Kits currently exist as words. If you subscribe, I will assemble the Kit and mail it to you. Installation and implementation of any Homework project in your personal home is available and would be really fun.

The Kits are adapted from lists printed in the article “What Every House Needs” in Real Simple Magazine. I hope I do not get sued.

The Security Kit


First Aid Kit (can be purchased separately)

Who Knows CPR? contact list

Rope Ladder

Fire Extinguisher

Bottled Water-Candles-Canned Food

Subscription options:

Mini-comic: $10

Drawings: $15 each

Assembled Kit: $50 – $100

Installation: Free to exhibiting institution. I will need room and board during installation. For installation instructions only, send $25.

After several drawings are purchased, I would like to make an edition of prints of the this Kit.

Contact me for subscribing to this Kit option.

Other Kits in the Homework series:

Garment Care

Kitchen Essentials

Desktop Essentials

First Aid

Tabletop Essentials

Cleaning for One

Linens and Things



 ***UPDATE: The Garment Care kit is complete! Here is a list of things you can expect to find:

The Garment Care Kit

Color-safe bleach

“Goo Gone” citrus cleaner

Drying rack

Safety pins

Spray sizing

Iron and ironing board

Press cloth

Plastic/wood hangers

Cedar blocks

Sweater comb

 That’s a real value! I hope I am not sued by Goo Gone.

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