Living Martha Stewart Living


Posts concerning my ongoing project, “Living Martha Stewart Living.” Phase 1, so to speak, of this project is my attempts to follow “Martha’s Month,” a calendar printed in each Martha Stewart Living magazine. It is presented as a curated list of activities and events taking place in the life of Martha Stewart, but is also “gentle reminders, helpful tips, and important dates” in that month. I want to see if this is a lifestyle a normal, not famous, and not propelled-by-jet-fuel perfectionist personality can accomplish. In my attempts, many friends and family will be enlisted to participate, eat, sew, exercise, garden, and craft. As we work towards this goal of Living Martha Stewart Living for one month, we generate new questions, documents, and experiences that I present as art. I may go broke, but I don’t think so. Martha Stewart is ever resourceful and I plan to learn well.

Please see also “From My Home To Yours,” a collaborative mail art project inspired by Martha’s column and the projects I began between 2009 and 2010 with artists and friends, Kristi Rae Wilson, Houston-based sculptor and jewelry maker, and Adam Fotos, Chicago painter and creator of the comic “Dragon and Goat.” I have expanded the participants to six as of June 2011. Details on current circulating projects can be found on the page dedicated to this project.