Unmade Works

“Adolf” Registry
1. Compile a list of every person named “Adolf” after 1945. Travel the world interviewing and photographing these people.

Southern Dialect Dinner
2. Fnd a local cookbook from a church or community group located in a rural town. Make a dinner menu based on recipes in the book. Invite the contributors of the recipes, if they are still living, to cook the dinner with me. Host the dinner as an event.

Dead Pet Carousel
3. Build a carousel that has realistic statues of every dead pet I’ve owned instead of horses. Instead of playing music, it plays sounds of deep sobbing and wailing.

“Kwee” Day
4. Host a party to celebrate my name change. Celebrate in September.

Campus Crime Map Constellations
5. Collect the PDF crime maps compiled by the campus police. Remove the starred points from the context of the campus map while maintaining their configuration.

6. Hang two scrolls of fabric from the ceiling. Project photograph of my mother on one scroll and my father on the other. Position a fan that oscillates between the scrolls, distorting each picture as it blows air on the fabric.

“Kwee” Day Part 2
7. Exhibit false family heirlooms and a “fabricated” genealogical tree in small Cornell-like boxes.

8. Empty my parent’s home of every object. Catalog these items before destroying them. Take the house apart piece by piece using only hand tools.

9. Only to be considered after Oma’s passing: Take every stuffed animal from Oma’s house. Embalm the animals with traditional embalming spices. Exhibit the embalmed bodies.

10. Animals consuming themselves on the barbeque-joint signs in an endless circle. Karin and others. (Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the World).

11. Alice in Wonderland wayang kulit

Perform Alice in Wonderland as a shadow puppet play. Trace the haloes of the cut-outs. Trace the shadows cast by the puppets during the performance.
(characters from “Truth” series)

1. Laying a strip of bottle cap gun ammo on fabric and sending it through the sewing machine. COMPLETED

2. Make printed fabric based on generic Ramen noodle soup seasoning packets.

3. Make paper lace pop-up cards inspired by Karin’s dream about the tiger and the peacock. Use the peacock from the sarong batik Oma gave me and the tiger from a jar of Tiger Balm.